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EMMR Monthly Roundtable
Schedule for 2018
January 21st - 3rd Sunday Roundtable: Lynn Paxton, Irvin King, and Friends – Lynn Paxton

February 10th - 2nd Saturday Roundtable: Weekend Warrior Luncheon with Darwin Doll

March 18th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR, 1-3pm, Topic: Fredericksburg Speedway. John Marks 717-645-0440

April 15th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Bowling Green Speedway with Joe Heisler lll 410-303-4428

May 20th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Flemington Speedway. Lynn Paxton 717-432-8188

June 17th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Ken Brenn

July 15th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Mitch Smith. Lynn Paxton 717-432-8188

August 19th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Gary Vandergrift

September 9th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: TBD. Steve Bubb 717-774-8664

October 21st - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Driver’s Wives & Daughter featuring Nancy Lingle, Kay Wolfe, and Jo Wolford

November 18th - 3rd Sunday Roundtable at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Quarter Midgets with Kolten Gouse. Judy Freels 717-580-6083


Nancy Miller

Alan Kreitzer

Larry Garland

Emily Winslow

Alan Kreitzer

Lynn Paxton

Steve Bubb
Darwin Doll
Judy Freels
Marlin Heller
Howard "Junior" Kelly
John Marks
Perry Miller
Don Robinson
Robert Schultz

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The MUSEUM IS NOW OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS for 2018 SUMMER EVENTS SEASON, We will be open EVERY FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY through December 1st & 2nd and the Holiday Open House. Lots to do and see, come join us!!!
ATTENTION, ATTENTION; The 50th AMF Racing Snowmobile reunion will be held March 23, 2019 at The Eastern Museum of Motor Racing . Time and more details will be posted in January. Any questions call Lynn Paxton at 717 321 3484. STAY TUNED!!!!
Attention drivers attending events at the Latimore Valley Race Track, due to new insurance requirements there have been some changes made concerning mandatory driver equipment requirements. Please read the document posted below for these new rules. Thank You

To ALL Drivers Attending Latimore Valley Track Events

The October 2018 Edition of the EMMR Times Newsletter is now available on our Newsletter Page.
The 2018 Pocket Schedule is available on our Schedule Page. It is good as of January 03, 2018. Any changes will be posted here as soon as they become final.




Upcoming Events


EMMR Fall Events for 2018

October 21 3rd SUNDAY ROUNDTABLE at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Driver’s Wives & Daughter featuring Nancy Lingle, Kay Wolfe, and Jo Wolford

November 4 LOBITZ PARTY/EMMR AUCTION at EMMR. 9am-5pm. Movies, Refreshments, Auction and Roundtable. Lynn Paxton 717-432-8188

November 18 3rd SUNDAY ROUNDTABLE at EMMR: 1-3pm, Topic: Quarter Midgets with Kolten Gouse. Judy Freels 717-580-6083

December 1-2 HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE at EMMR, 10-4pm. Sat. & Sun.: Auction, Refreshments and Roundtable.

MUSEUM CLOSES on WEEKENDS for 2018 following the Holiday Open House, however the museum will be open EVERY FRIDAY weather permitting.




Bob and Jean Kimmel are honoring their son Billy with a plaque that is displayed in the lobby at EMMR. Billy Kimmel passed away after a racing accident at Williams Grove Speedway in 2007. You can have your name added to the plaque for a donation of $125.00 or $500.00. All donations will go to EMMR. This is similar to the Gary Wolford plaque that hangs in our second level of the museum. Please help us honor Billy. Thank you.

Nancy Miller, President





From the President's corner.....

It is hard to believe the past year has come and gone so fast but it was a good year for the museum. First to all the volunteers who make the museum run and to all of you who visited us this year, we couldn't do it without any of you. Thank you!!

The past year saw us do roundtables, car shows, race car exhibitions, bake sales, and auctions. The Gary Wolford's Fish Fry  went well but next year it will be renamed Gary Wolford and Silver Spring Reunion. Due to insurance purposes there will no longer be a blindfold race, but Silver Spring Cars are invited to put on a car show with track time.

The fair was hampered by insurance coverage issues last year but went well anyway. Thanks to Amy Kelly for handling that event. The fair for 2018 will be held June 23rd, 24th and 25th.  

Larry Garland's Jalopy Show went very well again this year. Next year in 2018, it will have to be held at Lincoln Speedway since his show has outgrown Latimore Valley Fairgrounds.  

The vintage cars traveled to 12 different tracks last year and I want to thank all of the tracks for inviting us to put our cars on display with track time at their tracks and for the two admission tickets they give each car. A special thank you to Kathy Hughes for our photo-ops at Williams Grove and something most of you don't know, they donated half of the 50/50 to museum the night we were there.

Carol Weaver put on two car events so look forward to those same events again next year.

Darwin Doll did a great job with his events so can't wait to see what he does in 2018.

Another convention is in the books and it went very well again this past year. Next year in 2018, the convention will be on August 24th, 25th and 26th with track time at Williams Grove on the Friday, August 24th. Gary Wolford will be honored and Ruth and Clarence Snavely will be the Grand Marshals.

Don Robinson and Kolten Gouse had another great auction at the National Open. Don does a great job with all the auctions we have.

I want to thank Dave Hare and Alan Kreitzer for emceeing our auctions and roundtables. It was good to see Stan Lobitz at his event that was held at the museum this year and will be into the future.  

Our Open House and roundtables were very well attended and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Now to some new news. One of the first things is we have extended our fall closing time to include November and the Holiday Open House on Dec. 1st and 2nd.  As you know we opened the new Charlie Rasp addition to the museum and have been working to put the new space to good use. There will be 10/12 new cars on display along with the Flemington N.J. group that has now become part on our museum. One of our outside block sales went to Mario Andretti (thank you Jimmy McGuire). The inside block sales will be discontinued as we are out of space on the inside wall.

Again thanks to all our volunteers and visitors and remember good deeds are not done by walking into church, they are done when you walk out and help others.

Till next time,


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